Element’s experts have extensive experience and use the latest equipment in spray dryer crack testing for the Food, Flavor, and Pharmaceutical industries to enable dryer inspection to be carried out quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

Regular examination and testing of spray dryers using our state-of-the-art Accusense System help to eliminate any sources of microbial contamination, which may lead to product spoilage or transmission of diseases.

State-of-the-art spray dryer crack testing platform

Our access platform is one of the few mobile platforms currently in use to meet the British and European standards for suspended access equipment in accordance with BS-EN 1808. Element also offers drone inspection alongside the access platform to gather a comprehensive examination of the dryer. The platform and drone enable our highly skilled team to examine the internal surfaces for cracks and defects of dryers without the need to erect expensive temporary scaffolding. This reduces both costs and downtime as well as being a safer and more reliable method of inspection. 

The  Element advantage

Element provides a range of non-destructive testing and inspection services to a wide range of industries, specializing in integrity testing to the Food, Beverage and Dairy industry. Our on-site services include Helium Gas Integrity Testing – Plate and Tubular Heat Exchanger’s, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Spray Dryer Inspection, and Holding Time Tests.

All of Element’s technicians are certified to either PCN or SNT-TC-1A levels 2 or 3 and comply with BS EN ISO 9712 – The European Standard for the Qualification and Certification of NDT personnel. Element is an ISO 9001 certified laboratory, and make sure that your products are safe, comply with the relevant legislation, and are fit-for-purpose. Contact our experts for more information.

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