Element experts provide the testing that consumer product manufacturers need to meet regulatory, industry, or corporate quality goals, whether for an assembled product, a component, the raw materials, or the finishing touches.

Our accredited laboratories are equipped with instruments that measure--based on your needs--your product's performance over time, in transit, under expected or unexpected environmental conditions, or otherwise in use. The data generated by this testing is interpreted by our scientists and technicians to determine the product's compliance with standards or other quality requirements.

Accelerated Weathering Testing

Altitude Testing & Simulation

Architectural Acoustic Testing

Building Envelope Thermal Testing

Chemical Testing Labs

Climatics & Environmental Simulation

Composite Testing

Container & Package Testing

Corrosion Testing

CPSIA Testing

Deformulation/Reverse Engineering

Durable Goods and Appliance Testing

Dynamics Testing

Electrical and Electronics Testing

Experimental Mechanics

Fatigue Testing

Furniture and Cabinet Testing

Green and Eco-Friendly Product Development

HALT Testing and HASS Testing

Humidity Testing

Hydraulics Testing

Impact Test Metals and Polymers

Masonry Materials Testing

Materials Testing Services

Mechanical Testing of Metals and Nonmetals

New Product Development

NFRC-Certified Thermal Simulation Services

Nondurable Goods Testing

Nonmetals Testing

Paints & Coatings Materials Analysis

Pneumatics Testing

Polymer Testing

Polymer Testing

Product Design Evaluation

Product Qualification Testing


Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Testing Services

R-Value Testing

Shock Testing

Stress-Strain Analysis

Temperature & Thermal Testing

Thermal Resistivity Testing

Toys and Children's Products Testing

Vibration Testing

Other testing services

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