Are you ready for EMC Testing?

Element’s 8 point checklist

Manufacturers, product designers and engineers regularly tell us that preparing their products for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing can be a daunting task. Element’s team of EMC Engaged Experts have therefore put together the following 8 point checklist, to help ensure that you are fully prepared to present a device for EMC testing.

  1. How will you exercise and monitor your product during testing? All functions should be considered.
  2. Are you able to tell us how long your equipment takes to do one full cycle of functions?
  3. Does the product require testing in several modes?
  4. Have you ensured all external ports are terminated with a representative load?
  5. Have you ensured appropriate cable lengths are supplied (some tests require longer cables)?
  6. Have you prepared for failure? 54% of products fail EMC testing first time around so make sure you build in contingency time to your project timescales.
  7. Are there any special requirements, such as loads, supplies or signals for your equipment? If so, you may be required to provide these.
  8. Are you able to tell us how long it takes to set up your product? 

Running through these eight key questions in advance will enable you to be better prepared for EMC testing in the future. 

To download a full list of requirements that are generally expected to be provided alongside a product for EMC testing, please click here.

If you would like further advice about your EMC testing requirements and preparing a product for EMC testing, please contact one of our Experts today.

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