The facts about GPA 2261 testing

Since the initial discovery of natural gas, transmission and midstream companies have purchased and sold gas based off of the quality and volume.  GPA 2261 laboratory analysis provides the gas processing and producing industry with a test method to determine the chemical composition of natural gas mixtures by Gas Chromatography.  Using a gas chromatograph instrument components can be physically separated using a series of columns to calculate key gas quality factors including BTU value, Heating Value, Hydrocarbon Dew Point, Density and Molecular Weight. The following components are covered under the method:

  • Nitrogen
    Carbon Dioxide

By performing this analysis, key characteristics such as the volume of Standard Cubic Feet (SCF), and the value of the British Thermal Unit (BTU) can be identified. The SCF is the amount of gas required to fill one cubic foot of volume at a given temperature and pressure.  A BTU is the energy content, or the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. By using the SCF and BTU values over a given period of time, the quantity of energy can be calculated.

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