On-Demand Webinar: Understanding Failure in Medical Devices

Maciej Jakucki, Medical Device Testing Manager, and Jeff Dodge, PMP, Failure Analysis Manager, present a discussion of best practices for failure analysis testing and what sort of value a failure analysis brings. You will learn the purpose of failure analysis and how the outcome data will help you make a safer product.

Maciej and Jeff will cover the entire Element process of performing a failure analysis. Their presentation includes:

  • A definition of failure analysis and the role of a failure analyst
  • An explanation of the outcomes to be measured by failure analysis testing
  • A discussion of the typical stages of a failure analysis
  • Demonstrations of some case studies that exemplify the process and analysis of materials
  • A discussion of the value of performing a failure analysis

To learn more about qualifying failure analysis testing for medical devices, please fill out the form below to access the free recorded webinar. 

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