Multi-Axis Simulation Table (MAST) Testing for Automotive Components

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element expert john zoelling

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John Zoelling

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John Zoelling is the Engineering Supervisor at Element's Troy, Michigan laboratory.

element expert david whiting

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David Whiting

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David Whiting is the Operations Manager at Element's Troy, Michigan laboratory.

This webinar by automotive testing experts John Zoelling and David Whiting explores the use of multi-axis simulation tables (MASTs) to test automotive components and sub-systems. MAST testing is a thorough, effective, and cost-saving way to test vehicle components using data obtained from proving ground tests.

Key Topics and Takeaways:

In this webinar you will learn:

    • What a multi-axis simulation table is and how it works
    • How data from proving ground testing is converted into digital files readable by a MAST
    • How a MAST can accurately replicate lifetime wear on an accelerated timeline
    • When it is appropriate to use MAST testing in place of proving ground testing

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