Road Load Data Acquisition, or RLDA, plays a critical role in the analysis of design, reliability, and structural integrity of vehicles and vehicle components. Developing and optimizing components, sub-systems and systems within the target operating to withstand severe loading and environmental conditions is paramount to ensure that they supply superior performance for their design intent service life.  

Our Engaged Experts have extensive experience in road load data measurements and transportation testing, and we understand the unique challenges that face the industry. Working with you to design and implement road load data measurement, recording, and analysis programs that accurately characterize your products, Element helps you to gain a precise understanding of their overall performance and durability. 

Understanding road load data acquisition

A key factor in understanding how vehicles and components manage the loads they undergo during on-road operations is measuring vehicle response through instrumentation and data acquisition. This service takes into account all essential vehicle and driving parameters such as system, subsystem and component stress and strain, load, torque, acceleration, displacement, pressure, vibration inputs, and more. 

During testing, our Engaged Experts subject vehicles and components to real-world conditions of use (typical road conditions and surfaces, extreme ambient and temperature conditions), and then collect data on the test track on the road, proving ground, or on the test rig. The data acquired provide valuable information to engineers, designers, and analysts to develop and optimize better components and to make sure that they perform as expected in their intended application and meet the target durability and reliability requirements.   

The Element advantage

Element provides all major OEMs and vehicle manufacturers with timely, accurate and reliable road load data acquisition and analysis services supporting the engineering community for design, performance and product validation decision making. 

Element has an extensive inventory of commercial transducers to support multiple instrumentation and data acquisitions at the same time. Our laboratories are fully capable of performing projects requiring an excess of 400 measured parameters simultaneously. We can design, build and calibrate custom transducers and system components for acquiring the desired loading based on your specific requirements. 

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Road Load Data and Analysis

Data Acquisition Projects

Element’s highly skilled engineers are experienced in the selection and installation of proper instrumentation and the use of modern digital acquisition systems, analysis software and methods for many types of data collection projects including:

  • Chassis and Suspension Instrumentation, Static & Dynamic Measurements
  • Powertrain Performance Instrumentation, Static & Dynamic Measurements
  • Exhaust System Measurements (Active Exhaust & By-Passed Exhaust Gasses)
  • Cyclical Loading or "Real Time" Laboratory Test Development
  • Vehicle Heat Management
  • Heating & Cooling Systems Performance Measurements
  • Vehicle Dynamic Performance Instrumentation & Dynamic Measurements
  • Braking System Performance Instrumentation, Static & Dynamic Measurements
  • Analytical Model Verification
  • Route Correlation Studies
  • Reliability Monitoring
  • Customer Usage 
road load data and analysis

Engineering Services

Element’s team of engineers specialize in all aspects of vehicle instrumentation, data collection, and analysis, offering a complete suite of engineering services covering:

  • Program Planning
  • Test Plan Development
  • Accelerated Durability Proving Ground Test Cycle Development
  • Domestic and International Duty Cycle Development
  • Data Acquisition
  • Vehicle Instrumentation
  • Custom Transducer Design & Build
  • Custom Strain Gauging
  • On-Site Instrumentation & Data Acquisitions (assembly plants, mining, construction, agriculture sites, proving grounds, customer R&D centers) both domestically and internationally.  
road load data and analysis

Data Analysis Services

Element combines years of testing experience in the global transportation industry with state-of-the-art laboratory testing and simulation facilities to offer accurate and reliable data analysis services including:

  • Strain-Life & Fatigue Life Estimations
  • Relative Severity Analysis
  • Equivalent Damage Comparisons
  • Time and Frequency Domain Analysis
  • Data Editing and Reduction Custom Programming

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