When you buy an adhesive product like tape, labels, or sealants, you expect it to stick and stay stuck over time. But how can manufacturers guarantee their adhesives will hold up? The answer lies in peel strength testing.

What is peel strength testing?

Peel strength testing measures the bonding power and durability of adhesives by simulating real-world peeling forces. Products are adhered to test materials, and then mechanically pulled apart at set angles and speeds. This allows engineers to precisely quantify the strength of the adhesive bond.

Key benefits of conducting a comprehensive peel strength analysis

  • Product Quality Assurance: By measuring the maximum peel forces required to separate bonded materials, manufacturers can validate that their adhesives meet minimum strength specifications before products go to market. This ensures consistency and prevents premature delamination or failures.
  • Optimized Product Design: Peel testing data reveals exactly how adhesives behave under different conditions like temperatures, humidity, angles, and peel rates. This insight allows formulations and construction to be fine-tuned for maximum adhesive performance in the intended application.
  • Cost Savings: Rigorous upfront peel testing leads to better product designs and formulations. This reduces downstream quality issues, reworks, returns, and warranty claims - saving companies significant money over a product's lifecycle.

Go to market with confidence

When you see peel strength ratings on a datasheet, you can be confident that the adhesive was thoroughly vetted through controlled experiments.

Whether it's a bandage, automotive trim, or construction sealant, you can trust that the adhesive bond will hold tight when you need it most.

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