The oil and gas industry continues to need high quality products made out of durable and reliable materials to maximize the lifetime and reliability of its infrastructure and to meet the ever increasing self-regulatory, legal and industry standards to minimize the environmental impact from its operations.

As a result R&D divisions from all of the major operators and their suppliers are constantly looking for the ultimate durable materials for applications ranging from seals and sealing to insulation, flow lines, risers, and coatings. Answers and solutions to all of these challenges and more can be explored and found at the world’s premier technical conference, the Element Oilfield Engineering with Polymers Conference. 

About the Conference.
The Element Oilfield Engineering with Polymers Conference is a world renowned event that focuses on the application of polymers and other advanced non-metallic materials within the oil and gas industry. In 2016 the conference will be brought to you by two powerhouses within the industry – Element Materials Technology and NACE International, the worldwide corrosion authority.

The Conference takes place on the 25th October 2016 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London, UK.

Originally created by MERL in 1996, this event was established to enable knowledge sharing and networking between the polymeric material selection and application technical community and the major oil and gas operators and their supply chain partners. Now in its 10th session, this well-established premier conference will once again bring together the key players in the oil and gas sector nonmetallics community to examine the current and future role of thermoplastics, elastomers, and composite materials and components in the increasingly demanding oil and gas environment.

Why attend?
In attending this conference you will: 

Stay ahead of the curve on current and future applications of polymers and other advanced materials within the sector as the industry continues to rise to the challenge of extracting oil and gas from tight oil, ultra-deep water, oil tar sands, arctic environments.

Network with an elite audience of global oil and gas technical leaders, as you share best practices and discover leading edge products and services for polymers and other advanced materials

Who should attend?
  • Operators
  • Service companies
  • Polymer manufacturers
  • Polymer convertors/processors (e.g. seal manufacturers)
  • Materials scientists/engineers
  • Product specialists/managers
  • Technical directors
To find out more about this world renowned event and to register for the conference, please go to our conference partners website here


Element presents the Oilfield Engineering with Polymers Conference 2016 in partnership with NACE.