Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for individuals with responsibilities for ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic assemblies. It is particularly well-suited for training and quality supervisors with expertise in electronic assembly. Additionally, engineering and manufacturing supervisors with assembly responsibilities will find this course highly beneficial.

Topics covered

    • Establishing and Maintaining the Integrity of the Training Program
    • Purpose and Application of IPC-A-610 Standards
    • Hardware Installation Guidelines
    • Soldering Criteria, Including Lead-Free Connections
    • Requirements for Soldered Connections to Terminals
    • Soldered Connection Requirements for Plated-Through Holes
    • Surface Mounting Criteria for Chip Components, Leadless, and Leaded Chip Carriers
    • Swaged Hardware and Heatsink Requirements in Mechanical Assemblies
    • Component Mounting Criteria for DIPS, Socket Pins, and Card Edge Connectors
    • Jumper Wire Assembly Requirements
    • Solder Fillet Dimensional Criteria for All Major SMT Component Groups
    • Detailed Examination of Soldering Issues, such as Tombstoning, Dewetting, Voiding, and Others
    • Criteria for Component Damage, Laminate Conditions, Cleaning, and Coating
    • Effective Utilization of the Lesson Plan and Materials, Inspection Tips, and a Review of Important Certified IPC Trainer Skills

What's included?

    • Downloadable student files from IPC (CIT only)
    • IPC Certificate upon successful completion of class and test
    • Snacks, refreshments, and lunch daily

Training location

Training will be held at Element Baltimore in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Registration and course information

Contact William Graver (Master IPC Trainer) for scheduling, registration, pricing, or technical questions. Email or call +1 410-937-3996.

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About the Master IPC Trainer

William Graver

William Graver

William Graver is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years in the PCB and PCA manufacturing industry. Currently serving as a Program Manager / Master IPC Trainer at Element's Baltimore lab, he specializes in PCB/PCA Failure Analysis and IPC training, and holds the following certifications:

    • MIT (Master IPC Trainer) IPC-A-600
    • MIT (Master IPC Trainer) IPC-A-610
    • MIT (Master IPC Trainer) IPC-6012
    • MIT (Master IPC Trainer) IPC/WHMA-A-620
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