Senior Application Chemist with over 22 years of experience in Analytical Chemistry, focusing on the development of SIFT-MS applications.

Industry experience 

Mark holds a PhD in Electrochemistry from the University of Southampton, specializing in Lithium-Ion Batteries, and subsequently engaged in four years of post-doctoral research. His professional journey began by joining the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) in Hertford, UK, in 2002, where he served as a senior analyst in the Materials Characterisation Unit.

Afterwards, Mark developed and validated analytical methods, particularly in GC-MS, for polymers and elastomers across diverse industries, including spearheading Extractable and Leachable analysis for the Pharmaceutical sector. His leadership skills saw him rise to Head of the Materials Characterisation Unit, overseeing 13 analysts proficient in various analytical chemistry techniques.

In 2015, Mark transitioned to Anatune, where he contributed to the advancement of the SIFT-MS product line. His responsibilities included automating techniques, culminating in his current status as a global authority in automated SIFT-MS.


Career highlights 

  • Developing automated sample introduction for SIFT-MS to allow for high-throughput laboratory-based analysis to be carried out. Prior to this, development analysis using SIFT-MS was largely a manual process.
  • Co-author on 17 peer-review publications on SIFT-MS
  • Multiple; articles in trade journals on SIFT-MS, application notes on SIFT-MS, webinar presentations covering SIFT-MS, and conference presentations.




Papers Authored

Peer reviewed

Non-peer reviewed


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