Element is not just any GLP and cGMP analytical chemistry testing company. We prioritize each one of our clients, making sure their testing experience is easy to navigate and meets their unique needs.

With deep expertise across the antimicrobial, chemistry and medical device industries, we’ll be your guide and partner through the process.

We offer our clients full product and analytical chemistry solutions. Our GLP and cGMP chemistry offerings include chemical characterization of active ingredients, testing of product-specific impurities, physical chemistry analysis and storage stability testing with a broad range of antimicrobial active ingredients (AIs) and preservatives, and a variety of analytical equipment such as HPLC, GC and autotitrators. Our analytical offerings can detect chemical residuals to support your cleaning validation needs.

We also can help manage your entire range of testing, coordinating the chemistry, viral, and microbiology testing to ensure a smooth transition from one phase of testing to the next.

Chemistry for the Antimicrobial Industry

Our GLP chemistry team provides the full range of chemistry testing required for typical EPA antimicrobial submissions, from enforcement method validation through stability, characterization, and more. Our chemistry team sees itself as your partner, working with you to achieve your project goals while maintaining the highest level of technical and regulatory compliance.

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Chemistry for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Our cGMP analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical lab testing services support your product manufacturing and cleaning validation needs. Our testing capabilities encompass a wide range of product formulations and include tablet, capsule and liquid drugs. Our tests on your finished product or raw materials will help you keep your project on deadline and validate your product specs.

If you'd like to speak with one of our experts to learn more, or are ready to start your project, contact us

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