Dan Olson has over 30 years experience in analytical chemistry.

Personal Profile

Dan has over 25 years of experience in routine and non-routine chemical analyses of metallic and non-metallic materials, products, unknowns and contaminants utilizing various instrumental techniques then interpreting data related to a client’s specific needs.


Dan’s technical expertise in Investigative Chemistry encompasses over 25 years in the problem-solving field and over 30 years experience in analytical chemistry. His experience covers:

  • Materials  - Metal alloys; polymers, elastomers and composites; adhesives, paints and coatings; woven and non-woven fabrics; surfactants and lubricants; glass and ceramics; unknowns and contaminants for identification and problem solving needs
  • Testing type - Chemical analyses for deformulation, identification, corrosion and failure analysis, legal, QC purposes, 21 CFR requirements
  • Testing Method - Visual and microscopic exams, FTIR, ICP, SEM/EDS, GCMS, HPLC, titrations, colorimetric and gravimetric analyses
Dan has extensive experience of working for the legal, medical devices and supply, manufacturing, energy, coatings, construction, textiles, insurance sectors as well as providing services to the US Government.

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