LONDON, UK – September 29, 2016 – Element Materials Technology continues to support the Transportation sector with further investment in a new enhanced, accelerated weathering testing capabilities to the ASTM D7869 standard. 
ASTM D7869 is a xenon arc-method that allows Transportation clients to more accurately reflect weathering cycles of high intensity sun and moisture. With this new capability, Element is positioned to keep pace with the evolution in the automotive market which is increasingly moving towards ever more complex and rigorous testing standards. Element New Berlin is an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory and holds A2LA ASTM D7869 accreditation. 
John R. Nelson, Element’s Executive Vice President, Transportation and Industrials, comments: “Manufacturers are increasingly looking for enhanced harshness in weathering testing, which put higher demands on their products, components and materials. Our investment is in line with these latest industry developments and enables Element to better support the challenges our clients now face. Most importantly, as a trusted testing partner to the Transportation sector, we are taking the lead to support our clients with our technical expertise and our understanding of the evolving requirements from the standards accreditation bodies.” 
Xenon-aging testing is used in applications where paints and coatings require high quality finishes that are subject to high levels of UV degradation. This new test is part of a suite of environmental exposure tests offered by Element in the Transportation sector, including temperature and humidity cycle testing, salt spray/fog and UV radiation exposure testing
In addition to the new test method, Element’s laboratories in St. Paul, MN and Warren, MI deliver standard xenon exposure testing, as well as related environmental exposure test methods for automotive clients. These locations provide testing in research and development of new materials, coatings and bonding agents. They also provide a full range of production test methods, including paints and coatings evaluation, production evaluation and final validation stages.
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“We are taking the lead to support our clients with our technical expertise and our understanding of the evolving requirements.”

John R Nelson