LONDON, UK – December 15, 2020 – Element Materials Technology (Element) is now offering its customers a full suite of wireless technology certification that meets both EU and US regulations, as well as the new UK regulations that will be enforced following the country’s withdrawal from the EU in January 2021.

The UK will be introducing a new product compliance regime from January 2021 and businesses that place products on the UK market will now need to achieve a UKCA compliance mark. Element will be immediately approved as a designated body for offering this certification due to the strength of its current service provision in the UK.

The global impact of the UK’s exit from the EU means that there will also be a new trade deal introduced between the UK and the US in January, which will include a mutual recognition agreement (MRA). As Element has a strong presence in the US, these laboratories are listed in the MRA, which will enable the business to offer manufacturers a service that tests and certifies their products for both country’s sets of regulatory requirements.

Element’s US laboratories can already provide the EU market with test and certification for CE marking through the US-EU MRA, so this service offering will continue with no disruption.

Steve Hayes, Technical Director of Connected Technologies at Element, said: “Element is one of only a handful of companies offering certification to UK, EU and US from one organization. The UK’s withdrawal from the EU means that manufacturers producing wireless products for all three regulatory markets will now need three separate certifications, and offering that service from one body makes the process much more efficient for our customers and helps reduce their time to market.

“As we expect to see an increase in wireless technology trade between the US, EU and UK, our certification for these markets also makes this process much more seamless for our customers.”

Element is a world leader in the testing, inspection, and certification services of a diverse range of mobile and cellular devices, consumer electronics products and other emerging connected technologies that interoperate and/or communicate with each other as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). With 17 Connected Technologies laboratories in the USA, UK, Germany, China, South Korea, and Japan, and more than 1,200 expert leaders in this highly specialist field, Element’s services enable faster market access to manufacturers of mobile and connected devices, including simple sensors, smartphones and wearables; medical devices; autonomous, self-drive vehicles; and robots and devices used within factories.

About Element

The Element Materials Technology Group is one of the world’s leading global providers of testing, inspection, and certification services for a diverse range of materials, products, and technologies in advanced industrial supply chains where failure is not an option. Headquartered in London, UK, Element’s team of more than 6,000 expert scientists, engineers and technicians operate from around 200 locations across five continents, delivering an extensive range of solutions to customers in critical industries including aerospace, connected technologies, construction, defense, energy, environmental, life sciences and transportation.

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