Element Digital Engineering launches its digital engineering podcast for the next generation of scientific minds. As part of Element Materials Technology (Element), a global leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services, Element Digital Engineering features a team of accomplished global experts with deep technical expertise in engineering, applied mathematics, and technical software.

Titled Engineering Futures, the podcast provides cutting-edge insights into a wide spectrum of subjects and groundbreaking projects, including hydrogen-powered aviation, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Engineering Futures offers a glimpse into how the Element Digital Engineering team leverages data, mathematics, and digital tools to craft innovative solutions for today's most intricate engineering and technology challenges. These insights are all illustrated by real project examples drawn from across Element's business.

Matt Straw, Vice President at Element Digital Engineering, notes, "We are observing an escalating demand for digital engineering services, driving us to continuously expand our capacity and capabilities to lead the sector." He adds, “It’s truly exciting to share some of the groundbreaking projects we’ve been part of with a broader audience, especially with the industry’s future engineers, mathematicians, software specialists, and digitalization experts. We hope the podcast will illuminate some of the fascinating challenges in this field and highlight the value and opportunities that come with a career in digital engineering.”

Element Digital Engineering collaborates with clients across various industries, including aerospace, the built environment, hydrogen and renewables, food, marine, mining, nuclear, oil and gas, transport, and utilities, with the overarching aim of making tomorrow safer than today. With offices located in Houston (USA), Bristol, Derby, and Cambridge (UK), Element Digital Engineering extends digital solutions across different stages of product lifecycles and diverse sectors. Their expertise spans modeling and simulation, digital twins, data science and machine learning, software engineering, and much more.

In the inaugural episode, titled ‘Hydrogen-Powered Aviation’, the podcast delves into hydrogen and its potential role as a pivotal contributor to the decarbonization of the aerospace industry. 

Committed to nurturing talent, Element Digital Engineering offers graduate schemes and career development opportunities tailored for aspiring professionals. As we venture into the engineering future, we warmly invite young minds to explore the exciting pathways and possibilities in the dynamic field of digital engineering.

The podcast can be listened to on Spotify and more information on Element Digital Engineering can be found at here or on LinkedIn.