Understand how advanced batteries will perform under the extreme conditions inherent in aircraft and spacecraft applications at Element’s state-of-the-art laboratories.

Validate the suitability and performance of your specialty batteries with custom testing parameters and the input of the industry’s leading battery test experts. Regardless of what your requirements are, Element has the knowledge, facilities, and qualifications to support your testing needs.

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Special considerations for aircraft and spacecraft battery testing

Verify electrical parameters, conduct cyclic and calendar aging studies, test cells in high-altitude stress environments, and perform teardown analysis to investigate failure modes of aerospace lithium-ion batteries with Element. Aerospace cells and batteries for high-performance commercial, private, and military craft require specialized facilities, expertise, and test capabilities that many test entities are unable to provide. Test cutting-edge battery chemistries in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner at labs that utilize today’s leading testing technologies.

The Element advantage

A trusted partner of many of the largest aerospace and defense organizations in the US, Element now offers the greatest battery-testing capacity in the country. Knowledgeable and experienced laboratory specialists design tests for your novel designs and applications, and our accredited labs deliver industry-leading testing solutions. 

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