Match user expectations and protect your reputation with the data you gain from Element’s battery performance testing.

End users place high demands on their battery-powered products. Understand how your product’s battery will perform under real-world conditions with accurate and comprehensive laboratory testing from Element.

For a complete list of capabilities and accreditations for each battery lab location, please contact us.

Customized battery performance testing for real-world results

Battery-powered products seldom operate under ideal conditions, so testing must reflect the diversity of variables your product will encounter while in use. Element’s state-of-the-art laboratories offer the widest possible range of test procedures, providing all the data you need to bring a product to market from a single testing partner.

Performance testing for all battery types & applications

Understanding battery performance becomes even more important when power storage is critical to infrastructure. From consumer products like phones to sophisticated power grids and energy storage systems, Element has the equipment, facilities, and expertise to test batteries of all kinds.

The Element advantage

Element is your single-source battery testing partner, with the largest battery testing capacity in North America and a broad array of test methods and procedures. Element experts have the knowledge and experience to test batteries across all industries and for virtually all applications. To learn how we can help you meet performance expectations, contact us today.

  • Discharge capacity verification (low, room & high temperatures)
  • High-rate discharge at operating temperature
  • Charge retention (residual capacity)
  • Charge recovery (recoverable capacity)
  • Cycle life/endurance cycling at customer-specific discharge rate
  • AC and DC impedance
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Dimensional variation
  • Storage at various temperatures
  • Rate capability (available capacity at different discharge rates)
  • Incoming inspection (variation of samples)
  • Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) variation
  • Thickness and swelling over various exposure and use cases
  • Cycle life
  • Capacity at temperature
  • Rate capability
  • Charge retention
  • Recoverable capacity
  • Float charge performance
  • Calendar life (storage)
  • OCV vs. State of Charge (SoC) studies
  • Customized impedance growth evaluations (ACR, DCR, EIS+ECM)
  • Quantification of cell dimensional changes with aging
  • Dielectric verification (insulation Resistance/hypot)
  • Industry-specific load profiles (automotive, aerospace, etc.)
  • Combinations of the above

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