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Element's testing and certification services enable faster market access for mobile and smart devices, where connectivity and interoperability is key to successful launch and adoption worldwide. Our end-to-end solutions will support your entire product lifecycle, bringing your product from R&D to reality. We offer all major North American and Japanese carrier approvals, extensive regulatory capacity and world-leading 5G expertise, all delivered by one company. 


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We know you need to get to market quickly, and regulatory and industry approvals can cause project delays or uncertainty. That’s where we can help. We'll guide you on the testing and certifications needed for your product, and how the process works.

EMC and Radio Risk Assessment Webinar

EMC and Radio Risk Assessment Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar explaining the gaps in procedures and standards for risk assessments of wireless and IoT devices.

WiFi Compliance Testing

WiFi 6E: Testing and Certification Requirements webinar

This webinar will help you understand the new challenges introduced by WiFi 6E technology, and help you navigate the path to compliance for WiFi 6E devices. in order to successfully sell my product in Europe and North America.

Over-the-air (OTA) testing services for wireless products

OTA (Over-the-Air) Testing Challenges 

OTA testing is key for product development, particularly 5G devices which utilize millimeter wave (mmW) frequencies. This paper highlights OTA testing issues and what designers need to know when developing 5G products.

5G Test and Certification

Getting up to speed, with 5G

In this white paper, industry expert Michael Derby outlines the benefits of 5G and how it differs from the previous generation. Learn more about new test requirements to help you ensure market access.

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Wireless Power Transfer Regulatory Requirements webinar

In this webinar, industry expert Steve Hayes explores the regulatory framework for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) devices to help product designers and quality assurance managers ensure regulatory compliance.


Wirelessly Connected Robots from a Compliance Perspective

This white paper paper explores the challenges involved in the testing and regulatory compliance of wirelessly connected robots. It supports innovators in the product realization process by clarifying the types of testing required for market approval.

Wireless Coexistence 640 x 480

CT Preparing for WiFi Compliance Testing

Preparing your product for WiFi compliance testing in the laboratory can significantly help expedite your testing process. In this guide, we discuss how to prepare for quoting and testing day, requirements for US, Canadian, and European markets, test software/firmware modes, and test configurations.

Radio Risk Assessment

Regulatory Approval - The Radio Equipment Goal

In this article, we look at the authorization of radio equipment for some of the world’s main market regions.

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