Element's hydrocarbon analysis laboratories are strategically located to serve multiple major natural gas shales and pipeline systems. Element supports companies in the natural gas supply chain including production, process, pipeline, and transportation industries by providing both gas analysis and specialty gas calibration standards.

By utilizing a state-of-the-art gas-chromatography oriented hydrocarbon analysis laboratory and a team of industry-recognized engaged experts, Element performs analyses conforming to the Gas Processors Association (GPA), American Standard Test Methods (ASTM), and American Petroleum Institute (API) methodology.

With key lab leadership involved in the development of GPA standards as well as serving as school instructors, our team of experts is well-respected within the petrochemical industry.

Additionally, Element manufactures specialty gas standards including liquid natural gas calibration standards and natural gas calibration standards. Blended with expert craftsmanship, the certified reference standards manufactured at Element are traceable to the superior expectations outlined by the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) for calibration of custom gravimetric research.

These hydrocarbon analysis services are available from Element Lafayette, Element Scott, Element Shreveport and Element Wheeling.

Natural Gas Composition

Our services include

Gas Analyses

  • Custom Specialty Calibration Gas & NGL Standards & Equipment
  • Extended Gas Analysis (C12+, C15+) determining heating values, density, pseudocritical properties, relative molecular mass, and petroleum liquid content.
  • Gas Analysis (GPA 2261, D-1945)
  • Gas Analysis with H2S
  • Gas BETX (GPA 2286)
  • Gas Capillary (GPA 2286)
  • H20-Stain Tube (D-4888)
  • H2S-Stain Tube (D-4810, GPA 2377)
  • Helium Content (GPA 2261, D-1945)
  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point Calculation
  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point with Capillary Analysis
  • Hydrogen Content (GPA 2261, D-1945)
  • Karl Fisher in other products
  • Karl Fisher water in Propane/Butane
  • LDEQ Certified GPA Method 2286
  • Low-Level Hydrocarbon by GC
  • Low-Level Oxygen by GC
  • Methanol Testing
  • Mole Sieve with Argon Carrier
  • Mole Sieve with Helium Carrier
  • Olefin Gases by FID
  • Oxygen Content (GPA 2261, D-1945)
  • Refinery Gas Analysis
  • RSH-Stain Tube (D-1988)
  • Sulfur Speciation (D-5504, GPA 2199)
  • Total Sulfur (D-5504, GPA 2199)
Liquid Analyses
  • API Gravity (w/o shrink) (D-287)
  • Ash and Wax Analysis 
  • Asphaltenes Analysis
  • ASTM Distillation (D-86)
  • Carbon Residue Analysis
  • Comp BS&W
  • Comp Shrink w/API
  • Compositional analysis to C7+, C12+, C30+, and C100+
  • Condensate Analysis (IN HOUSE)
  • Condensate Capillary (GPA 2186 MOD)
  • Copper Strip (D-1838)
  • Density Testing
  • Flash Gas (per stage)
  • H2S - Stain Tube
  • H2S Analysis (chrom.)
  • Mole Sieve with Argon Carrier
  • Mole Sieve with HE Carrier
  • Olefin Liquids by FID
  • Organic Chlorides Analysis
  • Organic Phosphorus Analysis
  • Pour Point, Cloud Point, and Flash Point Analysis
  • Product Analysis (GPA 2177, D-2597)
  • Product BETX (GPA 2186)
  • Product Capillary (GPA 2186)
  • Reid Vapor Pressure
  • RSH – Stain Tube
  • Sediment and Water Analysis
  • Shrink
  • Spot BS&W
  • Spot Shrink w/API
  • Sulfur In Oil Analysis by X-Ray Fluorescence (ASTM D4294)
  • Sulfur Speciation (GPA 2199, D-5623)
  • Total Sulfur Analysis
  • Viscosities Analysis