Helping you ensure pharmaceutical product safety of your elastomeric components with our expert Nitrosamine Testing services.

Element supports all requirements for Nitrosamines testing of elastomers and other polymeric materials for use in pharmaceutical products. We're committed to delivering the critical Nitrosamine impurity data you need to achieve regulatory approval and remain compliant.

Whether your pharmaceutical product is approved, marketed, or under review, we'll deliver the data you need to achieve regulatory approval, support application changes, and stay on market.

With a demonstrated history of success testing for Nitrosamine impurities, we’ll help you satisfy regulators with robust method development, validation, and testing to detect Nitrosamines at low parts per billion (ppb) levels of detection.


The benefits of choosing Element for your Nitrosamine impurities analysis

  • Identify and quantify Nitrosamine impurities in pharmaceutical products
  • Ensure compliance with US FDA, EMA and Health Canada requirements
  • Maintain patient safety and efficacy of drug products
  • Rapid turnaround times to support the timely launch of products to market
  • Access advanced instrumentation and expert problem-solving capabilities
  • Overcome all analytical challenges with robust and validated test methods
  • Instil confidence with accurate, dependable results that you can trust


Our Services and Capabilities

We have developed and fully validated robust test methods available for the trace level determination and quantitation of N-nitrosamines in elastomers (see table below). 

You’ll experience seamless integration with your team - Element's experienced scientists with a wealth of knowledge will provide dedicated support. Together, we'll assess the risk of Nitrosamine contamination to; deliver accurate, high-quality data on your timeline.

Our industry leading laboratories ensure swift turnaround times without compromising accuracy, offering comprehensive analytical solutions for every challenge.

With expert problem-solving capabilities and a commitment to regulatory compliance, coupled with access to advanced instrumentation, we support pharmaceutical companies to navigate complex testing requirements seamlessly. 



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Analytical and micro release testing

The danger of Nitrosamine impurities in pharma products

Highlighted as potential carcinogens, a number of N-nitrosamine compounds are included in the USP <1381> and <1664.1> monographs as Special Case Compounds which, as potential leachables in drug products, may require additional specific characterisation of elastomeric components to ensure overall patient safety.


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