Element's full vehicle sectioning and weld inspection services are designed to be as efficient as possible.

The full vehicle process with Element is simple.

  1. Your vehicle arrives directly at our facility, where you can come in to perform visual examination, ultrasonic testing, and quality inspections.
  2. Element can then section the vehicle to remove spot welds and/or base material samples for testing. Integrity and dimensional conformance of welds are analyzed, as well as testing of base materials for chemical and mechanical properties.
  3. The entire process is not only simple, but also quick. The process to inspect and test a full vehicle or BIW takes 1-2 weeks to complete preparation and evaluation of, on average, 300 welds. 

Element Wixom also offers material analysis and identification, with the ability to identify grade via chemistry, mechanical properties (tensile, hardness), and even coating identification. As a leading full-service metallurgical laboratory, Element Wixom is ready to support automotive and other industrial clients. You can trust Element to provide the testing you need with reliable results. 


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