Element offers comprehensive solutions that support the entire product development life cycle, from innovative product development to performance testing. Our consultative teams of scientific experts have years of experience and an unmatched depth and breadth of regulatory and industry knowledge, with expertise ranging from dietary supplements, consumer and personal care products to industrial products, including paints and coatings, and more.

Element’s custom formulation development experts have worked with companies of all sizes from start-ups to established brands with a global presence. Throughout the formulation development process up through technology transfer, scale up and beyond, our experienced scientists provide innovative solutions, partnership and, most importantly, peace of mind. Element goes above and beyond initial product design and development, offering additional support with a comprehensive suite of services that support a wide range of industries and applications.

The Element advantage

Element’s established product formulators and regulatory experts are ready to partner with you and support you along every step of the way, supporting organizations of all sizes, from small start-up venture, to large, established brands. Overcome the challenges faced throughout the product development process with Element by your side. To learn more about our product development services, or to speak with one of our experts, contact us today.

Industrial manufacturing

Gain the competitive edge with Element’s extensive experience in analyzing and formulating sealants, adhesives, plastics, polymers, paints, coatings and more. Our consultative teams support industrial manufacturing needs with a comprehensive suite of services, from sourcing and testing raw materials to quality control and competitive product comparisons.

Chemicals and materials

Our innovative scientists have decades of combined experience examining, reviewing and analyzing chemicals and materials to successfully identify potential hazards. Additionally, our knowledgeable teams are experts at identifying sources of potential contamination and/or failure, as well as improving the competitive positioning of existing or new products with reformulation, optimization and innovative product development services.

Consumer and household products

Element has the innovation experience in a plethora of consumer and household products, such as cleaning products, for both consumer and household use. Our laboratory can identify the cleaning and sanitation effectiveness of a product, determine the source of product failure, identify and quantify ingredients to prevent future contamination, and more.

Green and eco-friendly products

Element’s innovative team of scientists have extensive expertise in creating new products and improving existing product formulas to ensure they meet green and/or eco-friendly standards. Our staff constantly reviews publications and stays up to date with current regulatory guidance and industry trends. Let our knowledgeable scientists optimize your paints, coatings, personal care, household products and more to meet eco-friendly and sustainability standards.

Over the counter (OTC) and nutraceutical products

Element is experienced in working to ensure compliance to the U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia (EP) when producing novel and national brand equivalent (NBD) over the counter (OTC) and nutraceutical products. Our experienced team of scientists have the expertise and skills needed to support the entire product lifecycle and have formulated many leading products with excellent batch-to-batch consistency.

Personal care and cosmeceutical products

With deep expertise in developing unique and custom formulations, Element is the preferred product development partner for leading personal care brands. Our full-service laboratories are well-equipped for impurity investigations, competitor product analysis, shelf life testing, performance claims verification and much more. Partner with a lab who has a track record of success analyzing and developing personal care, cosmeceutical, and cosmetic products such as sunscreens, bath and body products, skincare products and more.

Element partners with entrepreneurs, manufacturers and distributors to help them achieve their goals with comprehensive, integrated service offerings that support the entire product development life cycle.


Chemical reverse engineering, also known as product deformulation, is the process of breaking down a formulation, to separate and identify exact quantities of its components. This analysis allows Element to deliver formula details, which are particularly valuable for existing products for which the formula may no longer be available or has been changed.

Product reformulation

During product reformulation, our team examines existing formulas to identify potential areas or performance characteristics to improve, including replacing chemicals or modifying formulas to meet green or eco-friendly standards or regulations. Significant changes may be necessary to meet regulatory requirements, develop new products, or improve performance and market value.

Innovation and formulation development

It is not necessary to completely reinvent the wheel to deliver a new product. Element’s expertise in simple and complex formulations is not just limited to one subsection of innovation, but extends from industrial manufacturing to over the counter (OTC) to green and eco-friendly products. Our state-of-the-art facilities and team offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to formulation development to ensure your ideal product makes it to market.

Scale-up and manufacturing support

Element is equipped to help scale-up production and transfer your product to a manufacturing site, whether in-house or at another facility. We offer small-batch manufacturing to perfect your formulation prior to scale-up, and Element offers the necessary support to help ease the transition and ensure success at the new manufacturing facility.

Small-batch manufacturing

Often small-batch manufacturing and reformulation services are required for product development. Our consultative teams help you tackle your product development challenges and help find lasting solutions.

Stability and shelf life testing

Stability testing and shelf life studies determine the length of time your product is intended to be used, as well as to establish recommended storage conditions for the life of the product. Element offers shelf life testing under multiple conditions, including real-time or accelerated studies. Our cGMP-compliant facilities are able to perform a variety of stability and shelf life studies in addition to photodegradation, photostability and freeze-thaw studies, as well as various wrap-around services.

Product performance testing

The functionality, usability, durability and efficiency of your product can be compared and evaluated against competitive products and industry standards. The data compiled is often used to improve existing formulations, identify product failures and/or increase efficiency.

Marketing claims verification

The purpose of marketing claims is to demonstrate to benefits your product brings over competitors. Element’s marketing claims verification service uses a robust, scientific process to verify these claims with multiple datasets, customized to your unique product and needs.

Raw material selection and verification

One of the first steps in the product development life cycle is establishing which raw materials will be used. Element’s wide range of expertise and state of the art technology allows us to qualify raw materials, ensuring your products include only the highest quality and most efficacious materials.

Packaging selection and compatibility

One of the biggest components in product development is selecting the right packaging, particularly in a competitive marketplace. Element partners with your organization to identify the right packaging for your product and end market. Our wrap-around services ensure all regulatory requirements are adhered to for your specific type of packaging and/or container-closure system.

Intellectual property and litigation support

Element provides full-service litigation support services, including comprehensive analyses to assist with patent infringement cases. Expert witness services are also available for brand protection, counterfeit and licensing issues as well.

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