Element offers personalized, global-scale Life Sciences testing addressing complex regulatory challenges. Our accredited laboratories specialize in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Biotech, Antimicrobial, Food, and Environmental testing. We support laboratories as a premier supplier of laboratory consumables, training, consultancy, automated solutions, and technical services. With over 40 years of experience, we provide certainty in results, risk mitigation, and dedicated support from R&D to manufacturing.


Key Benefits of Life Sciences Testing Services

  • Global Expertise, Personalized Solutions: Receive expert, personalized testing on a global scale throughout your Life Sciences product development, tailored to your specific needs, offering you support from start to finish.
  • Accredited State-of-the-Art Laboratories: Benefit from cutting-edge ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs and highly qualified teams, ensuring accurate and reliable testing for a wide range of products, from pharmaceuticals to environmental samples.
  • Flexible Workflow Capacity to Meet Your Needs: Add workflow capacity or access on-demand specialist testing, including full-scale studies for pharmaceutical, medical, or consumer products, offering flexibility from laboratory to location-based testing to fit your project.
  • Integrated Lab Solutions: Enhance your lab operations with Element Lab Solutions, offering curated instruments, automation, and consumables, along with expert consultation for method development, implementation, training, and ongoing support.
  • Trusted Regulatory Compliance Partner: Partner with a leading Testing, Inspection, and Certification organization, ensuring regulatory compliance at every stage of your Life Sciences product development. Rely on our unrivaled history and experience, helping you to navigate the most complex challenges.


Element in Life Sciences

Dedicated to excellence, Element’s accredited laboratories adhere to strict industry testing standards and specifications. Our commitment to quality is emphasized through our credentials in ISO/IEC 17025, GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), BSL-3, and BSL-2 (Biosafety Level 2 & 3). We provide peace of mind through tailored solutions, expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, guidance, and transparent communication.

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Life Sciences Testing Services

Element offers a diverse, comprehensive suite of customized testing solutions and products for clients in the Antimicrobial, Food Production, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries.

Analytical Chemistry testing

Analytical Chemistry Testing

We offer our clients full product and analytical chemistry solutions. Our GLP and cGMP chemistry offerings include chemical characterization of active ingredients, testing of product-specific impurities, physical chemistry analysis and storage stability testing.

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pharmaceutical testing

Pharmaceutical Testing

Element’s pharmaceutical laboratories provide specialist pharmaceutical testing services, including chemical, physical, microbial, and stability testing on a vast array of products, from raw materials to finished products.

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Medical Device Testing

As a comprehensive testing partner, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a single supplier source for all of your testing needs, from mechanical testing and environmental simulation to EMC and wireless device testing.

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nicotine tobacco laboratory testing

Nicotine, Tobacco, ENDS & ANDS Testing

Element's experts provide efficient and reliable nicotine, tobacco and e-liquid testing of ENDS and ANDS products to help you confidently navigate FDA PMTA.

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Antimicrobial testing

Antimicrobial Testing

With more than 30 years of experience, we are the premier contract antimicrobial testing laboratory and expert partner to the developers, manufacturers and users of antimicrobial pesticide and biocide products.

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Food Testing Lab

Food Testing

Element offers a comprehensive food testing package to help you deliver safe and quality food products to market quickly.

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Boreal Forest Site Remediation

Environmental Testing

Element helps its customers to meet their environmental obligations through our comprehensive range of laboratory and field based environmental testing services.


Chromatography Instrumentation & Consumables

Element provide a wide selection of chromatography columns, consumables, and instrument parts from leading manufacturers. From HPLC or GC columns and vials, to sample preparation products and gas generators.

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