About Element Yongin – Unhak 2

Opened in June 2021, Unhak 2 laboratory in Yongin, South Korea, provides specialized services in EMC, wireless communication, reliability testing, and overseas and domestic certification.


Unhak 2 Services

We offer local and international wireless and communication testing services from development to certification for wired/wireless communication devices through electromagnetic interference and immunity tests. Through pre-testing, we help customers shorten the approval period by resolving potential problems in advance. Our team also conducts reliability tests, which are often requested by importers and manufacturers separate to the standard certification for import and export and serve as standards for quality verification. We also provide certification services for standards and regulations including electrical safety, wireless, EMC, energy efficiency, and hazardous substance analysis, which we can offer for over 200 different countries.

The laboratory’s range of services includes:


EMC testing


Electromagnetic interference

  • Conducted noise
  • radiated noise
  • noise power
  • antenna terminal voltage
  • high frequency output terminal voltage
  • harmonic, flicker

Electromagnetic immunity

  • Electrostatic discharge
  • electromagnetic radiation resistance
  • Electrical fast transients
  • surge, power frequency magnetic fields immunity
  • Electromagnetic wave conduction resistance
  • Voltage drop
  • Instantaneous correction


Wireless testing

Wireless Devices

  • LTE devices
  • Wireless devices that use weak radio waves(Ex: wireless controller, MP3 transmitter, proximity card device)
  • RFID/USN devices
  • Handheld transceiver
  • CDMA module, repeater, base station
  • Specific low-power wireless devices
  • Wibro, Wimax wireless device
  • Wireless LAN, bluetooth modules and devices
  • Other wireless devices

Wired Devices

  • Modem, ADSL modem, router, landline phone, fax machine, credit card reader
  • Complex terminal with built-in telephone function, switchboard, key phone system


Reliability Testing

Environmental testing
Cold resistance, heat resistance, high temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity cycle, cold/heat resistance, moisture resistance test, thermal shock, temperature change, salt spray

Mechanical testing
Power consumption, insulation resistance, withstand voltage, leakage current, drop impact, impact resistance, combined vibration, water/dust proof rating(IP), NEMA


Safety testing
Power consumption, insulation resistance, leakage current

Noise test
Electrostatic, lightning, transient voltage, instantaneous power failure

Special tests
Dust , waterproof, MTBF (expected lifespan calculation), IMPULSE

Other tests
Defense industry component evaluation, battery evaluation, etc.



Certification Services 


Our team can provide testing and certification for:


  • Korea (KC)
  • US (FCC) and Canada (ISED)
  •  Europe (RE)
  • Japan(MIC)
  • Vietnam (wireless device testing)
  • National Radio Research Institute-designated testing laboratory
  • FCC Part15/18 certified testing laboratory
  • FCC TCB-Scheme
  • Sub- contractor agreement concluded
  • Designated as Japan VCCI certified testing agency
  • European CE conformity testing laboratory
  • Designated testing laboratory in Vietnam


Overseas - domestic certification

Domestic certification service (KC certification )

  • Broadcasting and communication equipment conformity assessment system
  • Electrical appliance safety certification system
  • Self-regulatory safety confirmation
  • Energy efficiency system

CCC(China), PSE (Japan), BIS (India), KC (South Korea), TISI (Thailand), BISMI (Taiwan), SIRIM Malaysia), RCM (Australia, New Zealand), etc.

CE (EU), GS (Germany), EAC (Belarus, Russia, etc. ), UKRTEST (Ukraine), etc.

America ( major countries )
UL∙CUL (USA , Canada), NOM (Mexico), FCC (USA), CSA (USA , Canada),
S-mark (Argentina), SEC (Chile)

Middle East / Africa ( major countries )
SII (Israel), SASO (Saudi Arabia), ECAS (UAE), SABS (South Africa), NRCS (South Africa)




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