About Element Edmonton - Fluids

The Edmonton - Fluids laboratory is a full service laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 by the Standards Council of Canada.

This laboratory specializes in gas and liquid hydrocarbon analysis, oil analysis (crude, condensate, heavy oil, & bitumen products), and oilfield water testing. Our analytical capabilities include, but are not limited to; compositional analysis up to C15+ in gas & C30+ in liquids, sulfur speciation in gas & oil, complete water analysis, and a large suite of oil testing properties ranging from routine to complete distillation assays. In addition to laboratory services, we also employ professional field samplers who safely collect representative samples from our clients’ onsite locations.

The Edmonton - Fluids laboratory, in conjunction with the field samplers, offer a specialized Total Capture Testing (TCT) which is used to obtain direct measurements of Benzene emissions and to determine the efficiency of some types of control devices from glycol dehydration systems as regulated by the Alberta Energy Regulator under AER Directive 039.

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