Element Lafayette specializes in providing a comprehensive range of Bioassay, GLP compliant toxicity testing, RCRA, wastewater, NPDES, UST, ground water, RECAP, 29-B test methods and procedures and air/emissions testing. 

The facility is a single source for full-service environmental testing services to environmental remediation contractors, state and federal governmental agencies, engineering consultants, municipalities and industrial clients across the globe.

Element Lafayette is the only laboratory on the Gulf Coast, and one of only a few in the US, able to offer all of the testing needed for NPDES GMG 290000 under one roof and is certified through The NELAC Institute (TNI) in Louisiana and Texas and also holds similar accreditations in Arkansas. 



Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • Lafayette AR Certificate and Scope 2016 17
    PDF - 183.35 KB View
  • Lafayette ISDH Certificate Chemical Analysis
    PDF - 248.87 KB View
  • Lafayette LA Certificate and Scope 2023 24
    PDF - 8.85 MB View
  • Lafayette LA LDH Accreditation
    PDF - 1.39 MB View
  • Lafayette OK Certificate and Scope 2016 17
    PDF - 164.46 KB View
  • Lafayette TX Certificate and Scope 2017 18
    PDF - 1.93 MB View
  • Lafayette USDA Permit P330 13 00114
    PDF - 114.29 KB View

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