About Element Newark

Element Newark offers a range of services, including shock and vibration testing, thermal stress, and extreme environment simulation. Together with our sister lab, Element Fremont, we support virtually every industry in the Bay Area, including aerospace, defense, telecom, medical, automotive, industrial, and more.


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Element Newark Specialties

Environmental Simulations at Element Newark

Element Newark Test Chambers

We can simulate any environmental condition imaginable at Element Newark. Key environmental services and capabilities include:

• Numerous Temperature and Humidity Chambers (2′x2'x2′ to 12′x12′x12′)
• HALT Testing-100°C to +200°C, Ramp Rate 70°C/Min Up to 60gRMS (5Hz to 5kHz)
• IP (Ingress Protection) testing per IEC 60529 and ISO 20653
• Temperature, Humidity, Altitude Chamber up to 65,000
• Up to 50kW heat dissipation capability for Temp and Humidity Testing
• Fire Resistance
• Thermal Shock
• Acoustic Noise
• Corrosion
• Salt Fog
• Hygroscopic Dust
• Mixed Flow Gas (MFG)

We test to a wide range of standards, including:
• AC156
• AREMA Communications & Signals Manual 2022, Section 11
• EN 50125
• EN 50155
• ETSI 300-019-xx
• ETSI EN 300 753
• GR 487-CORE
• GR 63-CORE
• GR-3108-CORE
• GR-3160-CORE
• GR-950-CORE
• IEC 60068-2-xx
• IEC 60571
• IEC 61850-3
• IEC 62498
• IEEE 1613
• ISO 9227
• JEDC22-A104E
• MIL-STD-202
• MIL-STD-810
• RTCA DO 160
• ST/SG/AC.10/11/Rev. 7 Section 38.3
• UL 50
• UL 94

Robust Dynamics Capabilities at Element Newark

Ensure that your product is ready for mass production with our full line of dynamics testing services. Whether it’s testing materials for fatigue and corrosion or putting components through HALT/HASS accelerated stress tests, after dynamics testing, your products are far more prepared to go to market successfully once you’ve had the chance to make any needed modifications to their design and/or manufacture. That is why we have one of the most comprehensive arrays of dynamics testing services anywhere. Common services at the lab include the following:

• Acceleration Testing
• Acoustic Noise Testing
• Impact Testing
• Corrosion Testing
• Vibration Testing
• Shock Testing
• Drop Testing
• HALT Testing
• HASS Testing

Key Highlights include:
• Electrodynamic Shaker Systems with 2” Stroke, 20,000 Force Pounds, 5Hz–2,000Hz, Mechanical Shock
• Seismic System with 10.5” Stroke, 15,000 Force Pounds, 0.6Hz–500Hz
• Seismic Testing to GR 63 - CORE Zones 1–4
• Up to 32 Channels Response, Data Acquisition, and Analysis
• Fixture design and fabrication services
• Temperature over Vibration testing
• AC156 (including OSHPD) to Seismic Testing
• ISTA Certified Laboratory

Extreme Environmental Simulations

At Element Newark customers get access to a variety of equipment and capabilities, including:

• Temperature, Humidity, and Altitude
• Ice, Rain, and Dust
• Salt Fog and Salt Spray Corrosion
• Highly Accelerated Life Testing
• Highly Accelerated Thermal Shock
• Fire Resistance
• Salt Fog
• Hygroscopic Dust
• Mixed Flow Gas

Key testing capabilities:
• Temperature/Humidity Chambers from 2’x2’x2’ to 18’x12’x12’ Walk-in Chambers
• Temperature/Altitude to 65,000 Feet
• Temperature/Humidity/Altitude to 65,000 Feet