Pre-penetrant Etch Chemical Processing Method

Pre-enetrant etch (pre-pen etch) is a surface preparation process which primarily removes smeared material to prepare a part for subsequent Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) processing. Examples of processes that potentially smear material include grinding, sanding, abrasive blasting, buffing, reaming, milling, drilling, and so on.

The type of cleaning process and solutions used depend on the material of the metal part to be processed. But, in general, the pre-pen etch process cleans away a small amount of material which is closely controlled to remove 0.00005 in [0.00125 mm] per surface.

Pre-pen etch is an additional service offered on request as part of FPI processing.

Metal Etching Laboratory Inspection Service

Element offers a complete range of services with approvals and industry certifications to cover the following specifications:

  • HS7725
  • RPS 15.45
  • C5098
  • MTV 607-3
  • SS8712 (swab etch)
  • EIM Code 8
  • RPS 674 (including swab etch)
  • CP3605

Pre-pen etch processes ican be applied to a range of parts, including housings, brackets, rod ends, closures, actuators, pistons, flanges, valve bodies, retainers, yokes, balls, bearing plates,  core weldments, and more.

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