Achieve a more robust data set and make better predictions about how materials behave in real-world situations with Element’s digital image correlation services.

Obtain the most accurate data possible about how a material behaves during testing with Element’s cutting-edge 2D or 3D digital image correlation (DIC) technology. DIC uses high-speed, high-resolution digital photography to capture detailed information about how an object moves, deforms, or changes shape during a test. Using two or more cameras allows the system to track out-of-plane movements in 3D. DIC is a specialized field that Element technicians and scientists are extensively trained in, allowing us to provide the best possible data and guidance for your critical decision-making.

Applications for digital image correlation

DIC is especially useful for complex, uneven surfaces or unusually-shaped objects that are hard to accurately measure with more conventional techniques. Before testing, the object is marked with many small reference points, which are then tracked across a series of high-resolution images. By interpreting the relative movement of each of these reference points in each successive image, technicians can determine how the object changed or deformed throughout the test. Because of its versatility and precision, DIC helps to predict the behavior of a material under complex real-world conditions.

The Element advantage

By partnering with Element, you benefit from digital image correlation technology that is among the most advanced in the industry, as well as the unparalleled experience of our materials testing experts. Our in-house data processing can accommodate extremely large data sets, and our technicians provide the support you need to interpret testing data accurately.

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What is Digital Image Correlation?

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