Soil boring is a critical step before commencing any construction project.

A technique used to investigate and determine soil composition and conditions, soil boring helps provide an informed foundation and structure design, contributing to a cost-effective and safe approach to your project. 

Element is fully accredited to provide soil boring and analysis. Our geotechnical engineers use trucks, ATVs or track-mounted drill rigs to collect samples and generate a subsurface profile that measures your soil's engineering properties, restrictive soil layers, infiltration levels and more. 

The Element Advantage

Element offers soil boring testing services for manufacturers in construction, mining, manufacturing and more. From routine classification to complex soil and strength analysis, we can support your project scope on-site or in one of our accredited laboratories.  

We are accredited to AASHTO, AMRL, CCRL, ICC, and other applicable State and private agencies.

To learn more about Element's soil boring testing, please contact our experts today.

Our Services

  • Program Development
  • Geotechnical Evaluation & Field Exploration
  • Geotechnical Investigation Site Reconnaissance
  • Field and Land Testing
  • Construction Quality Control Testing
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Foundation and Pavement Design Expansive/Collapsing Soils
  • Settlement and Subsidence Analysis 
  • Field Permeability Testing 
  • Underpinning and Special Foundations