Element offers a wide range of high-quality geotechnical engineering and testing services for the public, commercial, and private sectors. 

Our geotechnical services experts have extensive experience in program development, site reconnaissance, field exploration, field and lab testing, geotechnical evaluation, construction inspection and testing, and environmental engineering.


Geotechnical Services and Construction Engineering

Element is an accredited geotechnical engineering company with a full-service soils analysis laboratory and materials testing capabilities. We can deliver a wide range of geotechnical project support from routine classifications to complex soil and strength analysis tests. Whether performed in one of our accredited laboratories or onsite, Element can support projects of every size and scope. Special testing services and field laboratories can be provided as needed by the project specifications.


Geotechnical Instrumentation and monitoring

Our instrumentation and monitoring help to minimize risks, project costs and improve ongoing safety.

  • Vibration and noise monitoring
  • Ground and structural monitoring
  • Borehole type instruments
  • Real time monitoring for excavation and tunnel
  • Pile instrumentation and testing
  • Structural health monitoring 


The Element advantage

All geotechnical services are performed using ASTM, AASHTO, SAC-SINGLAS or other applicable specifications and guidelines.

To learn more about Element’s geotechnical services, please contact our experts today.

  • Program Development
  • Geotechnical Evaluation & Field Exploration
  • Geotechnical Investigation Site Reconnaissance
  • Field and Lab Testing
  • Construction Quality Control Testing
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Foundation and Pavement Design 
  • Expansive/Collapsing Soils
  • Settlement and Subsidence Analysis 
  • Field Permeability Testing 
  • Underpinning and Special Foundations
  • Landslide Analysis and Control 
  • Dams, Reservoirs and Dam Studies
  • Settlement Problems
  • Hydroelectric Facilities
  • Compaction Monitoring and Testing
  • Dynamically Loaded Foundations
  • Slope Stability Problems
  • Soil and Rock instrumentation and Blast Monitoring
  • Shallow Foundations, Deep Foundations, and Rigid Mats
  • Braced Excavations and Tie Back Walls
  • Construction Dewatering and Drainage
  • Earth Retaining Structures and Reinforced Earth
  • Tunnels, Pipelines, and Utilities
  • Creek, River and Waterfront Protection
  • Deep Dynamic Ground Improvement, Surcharge and Grouting
  • Highways, Airports, Railroads, and Pavements
  • Slope Design, Soil, and Rock Stability
  • Projects with Pilling Contractors Using a Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA)

M164, M252, M294, PP1, PP6, T 30, T 88, T 89, T 90, T 99, T100, T166, T180, T191, T208, T216, T244, 265, T310, T312, TP1, TP5,


C 97, C 99 / C99M, C 117, C 127, C 128, C 131, C 136, C 142 / C142M, C 170 / C170M, C 535, C 566, D 421, D 422, D 698, D1556, D2172, D2216, D2435, D2726, D3203, D4318, D4867, D5444, D6307, D6925, D6927, D6938



Instrumentation and monitoring work on Keppel viaduct by Element formally FOST Pte Ltd.

Case Study: Geotechnical vibration & noise monitoring

Element, formally FOSTA Pte Ltd, completed a project widening of the Keppel Viaduct (ER361) LTA for Singapore Piling Pte Ltd. Completing extensive instrumentation and monitoring work, carried out due to the site situated closely adjacent to high-rise buildings.

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