Undetected objects or changes in material properties of concrete can lead to dangerous breakage or costly construction mistakes. Ground-penetrating radar concrete testing uses non-destructive radar pulses to image the subsurface and detect discrepancies in concrete.

In conjunction with concrete coring, Element offers complete ground-penetrating radar services for electrical conduits and mechanical upgrades that are safer and more efficient than the traditional X-ray method.

Ground-penetrating radar services

Element’s ground-penetrating radar services eliminate the need to mobilize your own crew after-hours by bringing the service to you directly. Rather than hiring a traditional team, we can send one expert technician to image concrete without stopping construction.

Ground-penetrating radar services detect any elements you want to avoid, including tendons, structural steel, rebar, and electrical conduits, helping to prevent costly mistakes. Our well-trained and experienced construction materials technicians can help to core existing slab, and if requested, we can provide our on-site coring crew to core drill your slab.

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