Element operates ISTA-approved, full-service package and container testing labs dedicated to evaluating the performance of your packaging—wherever and however it needs to go.

A package endures a broad range of physical conditions. We can simulate and evaluate your package’s response to: shock, vibration, and shock vibration testing, compression testing, climatic conditions such as: high temperature/low temperature testing, humidity, altitude, and much more.


Element packaging testing and shipping simulation services

Our package test lab experts simulate the conditions your package will encounter in shipping and freight environments. We provide the following package testing and package integrity testing services:

  • Package testing to ASTM D4169, "Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems"
  • Package testing to ASTM D6551/D6551M, "Standard Practice for Accelerated Weathering of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes by Xenon-Arc Exposure Apparatus"
  • Package testing to ASTM C165, "Standard Test Method for Measuring Compressive Properties of Thermal Insulations"
  • Package testing to FED-STD-101C, Test Procedures for Packaging Materials
  • ISTA testing, Projects 1 through 3, 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Department of Transportation, and military standards
  • Package vibration and shock testing
  • Packaging drop testing and incline impact testing
  • Conformance to the International Safe Transit Association or ISTA package testing, Class 1000
  • Package testing fixture design and fabrication on-site
  • Walk-in size environmental chambers available for preconditioning of test items
  • Materials testing to other package testing standards and quality programs
  • Product packaging testing for your industry

Plastic Container Testing

Plastic containers require USP Class Plastics certification. Element plastic container testing can ensure your containers meet those standards. 


Durability Testing/Package Inspection

The shipping process is imperfect, and sometimes mistakes happen. Durability testing packaging inspection put a package through a series of tests simulating mistakes that may occur during the shipping process, such as dropping packages. 


Shipping Simulation

Element can put your package through its paces by exposing it to the dynamic environmental and dynamic stresses encountered while in transit to its intended destination. From extreme temperatures, to random vibration testing, we will ensure the integrity of your packaging and provide peace of mind, one test at a time. 


Medical Package Testing

Medical Package integrity testing is used to detect packaging problems that could potentially affect the sterility of a medical device. Integrity testing can range from visual inspection to vacuum, bubble, and dye leak testing. 

Environmental Chamber Testing

Climatic and Environmental Simulation Testing

During the shipping process, your packages travels through many different climates and suffers many unfamiliar environments. Climatic and environmental simulation testing ensures that your package is prepared for this journey, and will reach the other side unharmed. 


Customized Package Testing Programs

Using specialized testing equipment and highly trained technical staff, we subject packages to a wide variety of tests that replicate shipping conditions in national and international settings. These tests will highlight any packaging issues that may ultimately cause damage to the product, saving both time and money in the long run. As an independent testing lab, we also help develop custom testing programs for specialized packages; our customized shipping simulations can anticipate nearly any hazard a package may encounter while passing through a specialized distribution system. 

Service Details

Container & Package Testing Standards

  • 3-A Sanitary Dairy Testing (No. 18 & 20)
  • 6-FEDEX-A
  • 6-FEDEX-B,
  • ASTM D3228
  • ASTM D4169
  • ASTM D6551/D6551M
  • FED-STD-101C
  • ISTA 1A
  • ISTA 1B
  • ISTA 1C
  • ISTA 1D
  • ISTA 1E
  • ISTA 1G
  • ISTA 1H
  • ISTA 2A
  • ISTA 2B
  • ISTA 2C
  • ISTA 2D
  • ISTA 3A (3C,3D)
  • ISTA 3B
  • ISTA 3D
  • ISTA 3E
  • ISTA 3F
  • ISTA 3G
  • 7D

Let Element help you reach the goal of every successful business: your product properly and efficiently packaged, and arriving damage-free to satisfied customers. We can make it happen.

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