To help manufacturers meet quality and regulatory guidelines, Element evaluates textiles using a variety of testing methods.

Our textile experts can examine a textile test sample chemically and microscopically as well as with dynamic mechanical testing methods to measure strength, durability, flammability, etc. In addition, textile samples can be subjected to a full range of environmental or climatic testing methods that simulate temperature, humidity, stress, ultraviolet radiation exposure, altitude, etc. 

Serving more than just the textile industry

Many of our textile testing clients are manufacturers, but others are buyers or distributors who request testing to ensure that their purchases are consistent with their quality requirements. Whether your textiles are used in industry, military, medical, home furnishings or fashion applications, the information Element reveals will help you plan for a successful product.

Some of the textile testing services we offer include: 

  • Fiber identification or material identification
  • Contamination testing, particularly for children's products, bedding and toys
  • Thermal properties and thermal resistance testing
  • Strength testing and abrasion/penetration resistance
  • Textile flammability testing to standards such as ASTM D1230 or 16 CFR Part 1610
  • Fabric colorfastness
  • Textile chemical analysis
  • AATCC 6
  • AATCC 104
  • AATCC TM 15
  • AATCC TM 8
  • ASTM D 644
  • ASTM D5034
  • ASTM D5035 
  • ASTM D5587
  • ASTM D5729
  • ASTM D5733
  • ASTM D6182
  • GMNA GM6083M

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