Element provides engineering and technology support services to transportation, construction, packaging and furniture industries. We provide the facilities and equipment to test individual components, sub-systems and fully operational systems.

Establishing how components, sub-systems and total systems respond to real world conditions is essential to product innovation and deployment.  Understanding limitations and compliance with industry standards is essential to successfully launch or retain products in the marketplace. We provide a wide range of test programs from small component tests to full-scale tests for regular and Controlled Goods.

The structural and mechanical testing and vibration testing and shock facilities have supported the automotive, commercial trucks, off-highway and military industries. Exova’s test facilities utilise hydraulics, pneumatics and programmable robotic control. The packaging laboratory is accredited for ISTA (International Safe Transit Association). The furniture lab is BIFMA and CGSB accredited.

Our structural components and furniture testing capabilities:

Structural Mechanical Cyclic Testing:

  • Axial and multi axial static and cyclic loading
  • Component endurance testing
  • Fixture design and fabrication

Furniture Testing:

  • Office and lounge chairs
  • Public seating
  • Tables and desks
  • Storage units and shelving

Vibration, Shock and Packaging Testing:

  • Electrodynamic tables
  • Hydraulic tables
  • Inclined impact
  • LAB drop tester
  • Quick release to 2,000 lb. load

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