Element demonstrates our commitment to excellence in the field of Telecommunications testing by holding numerous accreditations and approvals including Verizon NEBS listing to GR-63 CORE, GR-487-CORE and A2LA.

  • 100 ohm Twisted Pair Plant products
  • 75 ohm Broadband System components
  • 50 ohm/ Wireless Network parts
  • Fiber Optic Plant products

Whether your product is an enclosure, cable, connector, splitter, combiner, patch panel, amplifier, or other part of the telecommunications network, we can help.

Quality testing to specifications including:

  • Telcordia
  • SCTE
  • RUS
  • IEC
  • ETSI
  • Customer-specific procedures

Element is adept at that hard to find test, including fungus and ozone resistance.


Telecommunications Testing Services

Our listing as a Verizon NEBS ITL ensures the acceptance of our data by all Regional Operating Companies (RBOCs). Our listing scope includes all of GR-487-CORE and GR-63-CORE (excluding MFG).  These scopes ensure your outside plant and central office products' performance will be fairly and accurately evaluated.

We are also adept at that hard to find test, including fungus resistance, and hygroscopic dust. 

From test planning, to complete project management, Element can assist in your product development and qualification processes.

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