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On 8th June 2017 an updated list of harmonized standards were published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) for the RED (2014/53/EU).

Harmonized standards provide a `presumption of conformity' to the Directive once they have been cited in the Journal. By adhering to these standards (plus any additional requirements identified in their risk assessment), manufacturers can demonstrate that their products meet the essential requirements of the Directive. Currently only Article 3.2 (radio characteristics) standards are listed, with EMC (Article 3.1(b)) and safety standards (Article 3.1(a)) to follow in later publications of the OJEU. 

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This most recent update should make the journey to compliance for manufacturers of radio products much easier, streamlining the process and enabling a self-declaration of compliance by applying the relevant harmonized standard, rather than involving a Notified Body. 

Manufacturers need to be aware that unless receiver tests are included as part of the test programme, it is very unlikely that they will be suitable for demonstrating compliance to the directive.

As a Notified Body for the key EU product safety and communications directives, Element is able to provide expert help and guidance to support products through the relevant testing process. For more information, please contact Element or call UK +44 808 234 1667 or US +1 888 786 7555.

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