Brexit Update- The Impact on CE Marking

Simon Barrowcliff
By Engaged Expert Simon Barrowcliff

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An on-demand webinar explaining the impact on CE marking after Brexit.

What happens to CE marking after Brexit? What does it mean for manufacturers? How will I need to test and certify my products to and from the EU as well as globally?

To learn more about the Brexit impact on CE marking and the new UKCA mark, complete the form and download our free on-demand recording.

Simon Barrowcliff, Product Certification Specialist at Element, will highlight the key points and milestones for product, quality, and procurement managers as the UK head into negotiation talks around a trade agreement with the EU. He will look at:

  • What Brexit means for manufacturers
  • The new UKCA mark, current standards, and schemes
  • How to test and certify products to and from the EU, as well as globally
  • The future for Brexit and product manufacturers

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