Ofcom announces the opening of 500MHz in the 6GHz Band for Wi-Fi use

Ofcom has announced it is broadening the bandwidth for 6GHz Wi-fi technologies, impacting the future generation of internet devices. 

“Wi-Fi of the future”: what does it mean?

This announcement entails that the UK is the second country to open part of the 6GHz band. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted earlier in the year to open 1,200 MHz of additional bandwidth (6GHz band 5,925 – 7,125 GHz) which will support Wi-Fi 6 technology.

In the UK, the change means the opening of 500 MHz in the 6GHz band (specifically 5,925-6,425 MHz) to Wi-Fi for indoor use.

One key update is the removal of the Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) requirements from channels used by Wi-Fi in the 5.8GHz band (5725-5850 MHz). This had specific constraints on Wi-Fi router performance from a quality perspective and was also the reason for potential connection delays if channels had to automatically change.

This change will support next-generation Wi-Fi devices as well as new connected technology devices for smart homes and the Internet of Things. The use of the 6GHz band for Wi-Fi provides several benefits, including faster connections and lower latency as the band is currently not utilized, thus enabling more efficient broadband connections for consumers in the UK.

Ofcom documentation of 6 GHz band announcement

The latest documentation from Ofcom covering the new unlicensed band  is an in-depth overview of the proposal and the advantages this will bring to consumers. The document summarizes the implementation of the 6GHz band and states that “The 6GHz spectrum is expected to complement 5G wireless service and unleash a wave of innovation for the Internet of Things.” 

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