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Outgassing Testing: Measuring Outgassing in Vacuum Environments by ASTM E595

By Engaged Expert Bruce Sauer and Gerry Minogue

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A free guide to the industry standard ASTM E595 for measuring outgassing in space.

Outgassed effluents from materials used in space environments can have a detrimental effect on the performance of critical applications such as optical and electronic equipment. For this reason, materials that are to be used in a vacuum environment like space require assessment of their outgassing properties.  

Testing against ASTM E595 allows quantifying the outgassing performance of materials. This enables the manufacturing of long-life reliable components that can be safely utilized in the world’s most sophisticated satellites and spacecraft.  

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This article will explain the phenomenon of outgassing and describe ASTM E595, covering all relevant parameters of testing, including:

  • Total mass loss (TML) 
  • Collected volatile condensable materials (CVCD) 
  • Amount of water vapor regained (WVR)

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