On-demand webinar: Structural testing of composite components

By Engaged Expert Rocio Ocaña, Rafael Cabrera, and Esther Garcia

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What are the stages of composites testing? Can I rely on standard tests available, or do I need a test method that is bespoke to my components?

Element’s composites experts Rocio Ocaña, Rafael Cabrera, and Esther Garcia will address composite testing in the Aerospace sector and describe how this can be applied to the Automotive, Wind Energy, Medical, Railway, and Oil and Gas industry for product validations.

The webinar will include:

  • The various stages of the composites ‘testing pyramid'
  • Applying best practice from the Aerospace industry and understanding how this can be transferred to other sectors
  • Developing bespoke structural testing processes for customers’ components
  • Real-life case studies from the Aerospace and Renewable Energy sectors
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