On-demand webinar: Understanding Radio Approvals and Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Michael Derby

By Engaged Expert

Michael Derby

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Michael Derby has been in the product development and approvals business for more than 35 years. His present area of expertise is helping manufacturers get radio equipment onto the market.

How do I know which radio regulations apply for my connected wireless devices? How can I integrate radio technologies into my other products? What are the future challenges I might face with products utilizing radio technology?  

Michael Derby, Technical Director of Regulatory Approvals at Element will deliver guidance on radio approvals, reviewing the procedures for radio products for any industry using radio and connected technologies. He will instruct on requirements that should be considered when a product is in the development stages or already on the market. Michael will focus on the following:

  • Overview of radio approval and testing requirements
  • Understanding how to approach the regulations
  • Some common mistakes to avoid
  • How Element can help guide you through the testing and certification process

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