Webinar Corrosion of Stainless Steel

Craig Brown

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Craig Brown

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Craig Brown has over 30 years of experience in metallurgical testing for the primary metals, castings, forging and foundry sectors.

What causes corrosion in stainless steel equipment? How can we prevent corrosion of metals? What is steel passivation?

Steel Corrosion & Steel Passivation Webinar

Craig C. Brown, Principal Engineer and corrosion subject matter expert at Element, guides you through how to avoid corrosion in your stainless steel products to prevent product failure and costly repairs.

Topics Covered - Metallurgical Evaluation & Steel Corrosion

  • Examples of typical stainless steels used in food processing equipment
  • Definition and explanation of steel passivation
  • Examples of corrosion damage due to loss of the passive film
  • Case study to illustrate on-site metallurgical evaluation and laboratory SEM/EDS analysis of samples from the field
  • Explanation of water mineral deposits and the potential for chloride contamination
  • Explanation of pre-cleaning and cleaning of stainless steels per ASTM A380
  • Explanation of acid pickling and passivation per ASTM A380 and A967
  • Case study of SEM surface examination of pickled and passivated samples of duplex stainless steel to illustrate what happens to the surface after different steps in the cleaning and passivating process

To learn more about avoiding corrosion and solving existing corrosion problems on stainless steel equipment, please fill out the form below to access the free recorded webinar. 

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