On-demand webinar: Physical Characterization of Solids in the Pharma Industry

By Engaged Expert Ben Vanasse

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What is polymorphism? Which solids testing strategy should I be using for my product? Why is solids characterization needed for regulatory approval?

Ben Vanasse, Ph.D. and CMC subject matter expert at Element, guides you through the physical characterization of pharmaceutical products to help you ensure your product is safe for use. He provides detailed examples to help you understand how the physical nature can impact a drug or drug product's behavior in the body. His presentation will include: 

  • Solids testing strategies
  • Particle size distribution
  • Polymorphism
  • Crystal Morphology & Defects
  • Safety of Powders
  • Quality Systems

To learn more about the physical characterization of pharmaceutical solids, please fill out the form below to access the free recorded webinar. 

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