White Paper

Embracing Agile Methodology for E&L Excellence

Extractables and leachables (E&L) programs traditionally take on a linear, sequential process in which each phase is inflexible and dependent on its predecessor. This can present challenges for timeline management in a contract research laboratory in collaboration with the project stakeholder.

In the face of deadlines, these linear processes offer only two options: start earlier or deliver late. Neither option aligns with the testing laboratory’s abilities nor the client’s needs.

Adapting Agile product management methodologies to E&L programs adds flexibility to increase the likelihood for delivery of a supported leachable study in time for regulatory submission.

To learn more about best practices incorporating Agile methodology into E&L programs, download the free white paper below.

Embracing Agile Methodology for E&L Excellence includes guidance on

  • Partnering with the right E&L testing laboratory
  • E&L project management
  • Drawing from alternative industries
  • Application of Agile methodologies to E&L programs

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