On Demand Webinar: E&L Considerations for Customized Syringe Delivery

By Engaged Expert James Scull

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James Scull, Ph.D., Scientific Director for Element Life Sciences, presents a webinar offering deeper understanding of extractables and leachables (E&L) evaluations of custom drug delivery devices. Dr. Scull discusses a case study that explores the E&L consideration of such custom delivery systems in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Dr. Scull's presentation covers extractables and leachables testing considerations for customized syringe delivery systems, and will include:

  • An overview of regulatory requirements for drug delivery systems
  • Situations and types of drug delivery devices requiring custom E&L testing solutions
  • When during the development journey such testing should occur
  • Other factors to consider when determining when the E&L evaluation is necessary

To learn more about E&L testing for custom drug delivery devices, please fill out the form below to access the free recorded webinar.

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