On-Demand Webinar: Back to the Basics: Sampling 101

By Engaged Expert Reesha Parmar and Danielle Hutson

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Whether you are new to sampling or a veteran, now is the perfect time to review best practice tips and tricks for soil and water sampling. 

Learn from one of your trusted lab partners in Western Canada about how to maintain sample integrity and prevent non-conformances. Industry professionals Reesha Parmar and Danielle Hutson will walk you through the most common inquiries our lab receives to help you reduce sampling errors and increase sample integrity. By the end of the session, you will have a thorough understanding of sampling best practices to ensure a quality report every time.

The session will include explanations and demonstrations of topics including: 

  • Sample container requirements
  • Sampling best practices
  • How to pack a cooler
  • The importance of a chain of custody form
  • An overview of quality soil and water samples

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