On-demand webinar: Organic Chloride in Crude Oil Determination via ASTM D4929B Method

By Engaged Expert Ian Yelle

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What are organic chlorides? Where do they come from? How do you test for them?

In the on-demand webinar, Ian Yelle, Business Development Manager, will provide an understanding of what crude oil is, crude oil matrixes, the severity of positive Organic Chloride results, how it is introduced to the environment, refinery specifications and the importance of using Element’s ASTM 4929B test method to determine if organic chlorides are present in your crude oil. Additionally, he will discuss inorganic chlorides and how the desalting process works.

The webinar will discuss:

  • Inorganic & Organic Chlorides
  • How to test for Organic Chlorides
  • Certainty of your test results
  • How to eliminate false positives
  • Preventative measures

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