New IEC Certifications at Element's Washington DC Lab

Element’s Washington, D.C., area laboratory has recently achieved certification to three IEC battery testing standards: IEC 61960-3:2017, IEC 62281:2016, and IEC 62133-2:2017. This accomplishment allows the team, in coordination with the Element National Certification Body (NCB), to issue IECEE CB certificates and reports for acceptance by international entities that participate in the Certification Body (CB) scheme.

The battery-specific testing laboratories in Element’s network already carried these and many more IEC certifications, but in the past several years, Element has increased its battery testing capabilities and capacity to remain ahead of the global boom in battery-powered technology. These new certifications at the DC location provide customers with more options in a wider geographic area.

IEC’s standards require our facilities and professionals to demonstrate incredible scientific rigor and organizational competence, and Element would like to recognize the efforts put forth by our team as they successfully completed the lengthy application process and the many necessary audits.

The full details of these new certifications are under Element DC’s directory listing at The scope, certificate and other relevant details can be accessed there at any time.

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